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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Off to Sweltering Sudan...

   " I have been very lucky to be involved with the Earthchild Project which helped me to realise my potential and to believe in myself. I now know that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to and reach out for the stars. I know that it takes a lot of work to become a doctor but I am very hard working and I know I can achieve it. If I get this scholarship opportunity I will work so hard to make sure I succeed and I will be really happy to show other people in my community that they can do it too."

-                   - Sonwabise Sifo, Grade 8

     Please don't forget about our fundraising effort around this trip...

     The above statement was taken from a child who the Earthchild Project has been working with in one of their schools in Khayelitsha and illustrates from a child's perspective what wonderful work this inspiring NGO is doing to uplift and empower children in our community.
     All donations are most welcome… big or small and will help you play a part in helping children like Sonwabise get the positive mentorship that our children in South Africa need.                         

Just a quick update from our side, we loaded our bikes on the barge yesterday, which is on its way to Wadi Halfa in Sudan. Obviously this required another lengthy day dealing with bureaucracy but we are thrilled that all is going well and our trip will not be delayed any longer than what Cairo’s episode has already cost us. 
'Interesting' looking barge...

It was no easy fare taking the bikes up this slippery ramp!

Help from our Dutch traveling buddies and our very friendly Sudanese fixer-Mahmood!

Precarious... does that look safe to you? Hmmm... no choice! This is the only open border between Egypt and Sudan!

In more thrilling news… we got our Sudanese visas today! Whoop Whoop! Excited beyond belief to finally have those in hand as we were beginning to get a bit concerned that we were being overly optimistic in the face of an almost overwhelming consensus from everyone we have met and everything we had read that it was impossible to do with an Israeli stamp in your passport. So having those visas really feels like a massive victory! Our Sudanese fixers Mahmood and Kamel were very helpful and pulled quite a few strings I think to make our dreams of venturing into 55 degrees plus Sudanese desert during the droughts of Ramadan come true- haha ;) Hmm… but despite that this is not the ideal season to visit Sudan we are both really excited to explore this mysterious land.
Celebrating our passage to Sudan over dinner in Aswan!

Speak soon… when connectivity allows!


  1. lovely so happy for you guys that the passports are sorted and you are still moving forward. Sending much love to you both ;~D Monique

  2. fantastic guys... you are both looking exhausted but fantastic and the exhilaration is evident... all the best for SUDAN yaya...

  3. Well... bad news is that the barge had not left when we left with the ferry from Aswan and apparently it has still not left :( (Broken from mis-loading!) From when it leaves it takes 2-3 days. So Egypt's incompetency is still haunting us... Very frustrating... yet another week has passed and no riding! All very well when you have loads of time but a big blow when you are running on a tight schedule... :(

  4. Darling Brits and Ri,just stay positive and enjoy!Thinking of you all the time and I am so proud of you two. Love you madly Vesselina,Milla and Bella