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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Finally Success... Bikes!!!

Tuesday 26 July
Dad... finally after 6 full days of struggle, with his well deserved Egyptian number plates!

Skip forward two days... two days spent at the customs and traffic department here in Cairo... two days which I do not care to go into and I am sure those of you reading this are sick of hearing us moaning about how corrupt the bureaucracy is here! It really is just too hard to explain anyway... since you couldn't possibly imagine the extent of the anarchy and day light robbery going on in these government offices! So I shall keep this one short since I am also very tired and we are planning a 4am wake up call to miss Cairo's insane traffic and even crazier drivers! 
Me with my bike and number plates! So thankful... you cannot believe!!!

What I will share with you is a short tale of my joy and faith in humanity being so kindly restored by a stranger, who lent his helping hand when we were beginning to feel like we would never succeed in ending this bureaucratic nightmare. 

It was such a refreshing encounter amongst this utter criminality and brutality we have been subject to by so many of the people we have come into contact with during our six day episode with the 'dark side of Egypt.' We were very thankful to meet Abid, who we met today in the traffic department. He really went out of his way, in trying his best to put an end to the procrastination of this epic process which is all a part of the ploy to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. We are quite sure that it was largely due to his efforts that we are two happy bikers with our bikes in hand this evening! Abid, a foreigner to Egypt himself, was a wonderful reminder of how a small measure of kindness can be such a momentous gift. It was so reenergizing to have an interaction like this with a stranger who went out of his way to help us out… and it really does scream out, after dealing with people in such an isolating manner, that this is how we should aspire to treat those around us. Thank you Abid for your kindness.

So to cut a very long story short… We have our bikes! We are very happy that we can finally hit the road and start traveling! We hope to have some more exciting tales for you soon… 

In the spirit of kindness and ‘helping a perfect stranger’… please don’t forget about our cause and help us support the Earthchild Project and the beautiful children they are working with in South Africa.

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