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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Short, Sweet and Illustrated Introduction to the Earthchild Project

 Started at the beginning of 2007, the Earthchild Project focuses on the holistic development of children, teachers, schools and communities.  Their aim is to create meaningful and sustainable change by providing practical skills in how to live a more balanced and fulfilling life with a focus on self-awareness, health and wellness, and the environment.

The Earthchild Project team are young, dynamic and positive.  They live what they teach and think and work out the box.  They are extremely passionate and committed to creating a new generation of healthy, confident, conscious and responsible earthchildren.

Some of the  Earthchild Project team members with Seane Corn and Suzanne Sterling from "Off the Mat," an organisation which donated a classroom at one of the Earthchild Project schools earlier this year. Here we are painting the classroom along with some of the Earthchildren. What a beautiful, positive space to add to Sakumlandela Primary School in Khayelitsha. A little bit of love goes a long way!
Janna Kretzmar, the founder and director of The Earthchild Project in the beautiful garden at Sakumlandela with some of the Earthchildren.
Xoli Fuyani, the Earthchild Project's environmental education coordinator and programme facilitator. She also runs a "Young Woman's Club" with young girls from Sakumlandela High School.
The Earthchild Project team including Linci Abrahams, (second from the left) volunteer coordinator for the Earthchild Project.

Nokuphiwo Jada with the "Arts and Craft Club" at Zerilda Park Primary. Noks is also the permanent Earthchild Project programme facilitator at Sakumlandela Primary.
Me with Michele Schubert, who runs the Gardening club programme for Earthchild Project.


An Earthchild Facilitator is placed into the existing structure of a school and with the support of the Earthchild team, teachers, parents, partnering organizations and volunteers, the facilitators introduce and maintain the programme.  Their programme compliments the academic curriculum, and learners are given the opportunity to develop practical skills that can be applied at school and integrated into their lives. 

After the first year their schools have:
  • Extra mural activities – yoga, gardening, worm farming, and arts and crafts
  • Hiking Clubs
  • Beautiful organic vegetable gardens
  • Worm Farms
  • Holiday Programmes
  • Environmentally educational outings and camps
  • Healthy tuckshops
  • School-wide campaigns and assemblies
  • Teachers’ Retreats
Me with some of the kids I teach a weekly yoga and healthy living course to at Sakumlandela Primary School in Khayelitsha.
Doing our "Sun Salutations." Beautiful little Yogis! They are always the highlight of my week... such gorgeous kids!
Pamela, a very passionate little yogi, showing us how the 'down-ward dog' is done best! She often takes it upon herself to teach her friends new yoga positions.
What a beautiful bow, what a beautiful smile!
Phiwe, Pamela and Vuyolethu, my beautiful little meditating yogis!
The Garden Club at Sakumlandela Primary School enjoying a 'sharing circle.'

Our spirited Garden Club at Sakumlandela Primary School.
Zerilda Park garden club enjoying their weekly lesson with the Earthchild Project gardening guru, Michelle.
Beautiful beetroot!

Enjoying freshly picked sunflower seeds.

Planting new seedlings.

Harvesting the fruits of our labour.
One with the Earth...
Xoli teaching children about earthworm farming.
Getting back to nature and getting back to our true and compassionate nature within.

As we harvest so we sow... sowing new seeds. The gardens at the schools also support the feeding schemes at the schools so that the meals are delicious and nutritious!  
Earthchild Project also teaches the children how to plant vegetable-crates as a part of their 'Living Classroom" programme.

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